Assembly automation

SmartPac assembly systems are tailor-made meeting the specific demands of our customers. A sensible mixture of manual, semi automatic and fully automatic solutions is essential. Automated assembly does not mean automation at all costs. At the assessment of the tasks and the development of a proposal for a solution the most economic way for the specific product is focused.

Together with you we develop the technical and economic optimal selection of the grade of automation for maximum benefits for your company.

Smart assembly solutions with system

In the dimensioning and development of its assembly systems SmartPac abides to three clear policies which are all focused to our target: Generation of the maximum customer benefit.


SmartPac backs on modular assembly systems. Modularity is not only shown by mechanical structure, it is as well consequently reflected by the control concept. For instance all cells are joined with connectors. The main advantages of this design are:

  • Adaptability to changing frameworks
  • fast installation and commissioning
  • shorter delivery times due to parallel mounting

Simple and solid technical solutions

Our development engineers are as long unsatisfied with an approach until they are convinced to having found the simplest and most effective solution. Every function which may be left out means one function less to cause problems, to be adjusted and maintained.

The remaining core functions are designed strong and are to be set by qualified personnel without any problems.


First-class components

Wherever parts are not SmartPac standard and not designed by SmartPac either, we use first-class brand products.

Besides pneumatic actuating units which are used for single application joining operations, servo axes for point to point movements as well as Scasa and articulated robots for complex motion sequences are used.