Horizontal cartoner with labeling and stacking unit KHE 620

horizontal cartoner with labeling and stacking unit KHE 620
horizontal cartoner with labeling and stacking unit KHE 620

The horizontal cartoner with labeling and stacking unit KHE 620 may be used, for instance at automotive industry, for automatic packaging of filter cartridges or similar products.

This highly flexible system is characterized by a clear structure and highest operator convenience. Format changes within a few minutes meet the challenging demands of the automotive industry.

Both manually and fully automatic the filter cartridges are supplied on a feeding conveyor. The cartridges are separated and counted for hightest process reliability and traceability.

If two filter cartridges have to be packed into one carton it is necessary to lift every second filter, flip it by 180 degrees and place it precisely on top of the other one. Thus the filter cartridges are grouped as pairs and are automatically transferred to the filling station.

The KHE 620 automatically separates the carton blanks from a magazine and erects them. After transfer to the filling station, the before grouped filter cartridges are pushed into the boxes. Now the folded box is being closed. To lock the closures, and besides also as quality ID, both closure sides are automatically labeled. Lastly a defined amount of filled cartons is automatically discharged as stack.

Your benefits:

  • precise and strong steel, stainless steel frames and aluminium profiles
  • highest process reliability by means of control technology
  • compact design and manufacture
  • usable as stand-alone machine or integrated into a complete line
  • Flexibility – simple and fast format changes within a few minutes
  • Variability – modular design enables expansion with supplementary units such as scales, printers, labelers
  • easy to service and maintain

Technical Data KHE 620

type horizontal cartoning machine
format range length 155 – 595 mm
width 20 – 135 mm
height 125 – 290 mm
performance 70 – 80 folded boxes/min*

* dependent on carton material, box dimensions and machine configuration